Questions about Bin Laden’s Quick Burial at Sea…

I was drawn to this website by the blogs I’ve seen posted here,  in particular, the “To-the-Point”,  honest questions regarding Osama Bin Laden’s “Quick Burial at Sea”.

According to officials, there were DNA & other tests done, to confirm without doubt, Osama Bin Laden’s identity.

How long, exactly,  after he taken into custody,  was he “buried at sea”?

As I’ve always understood it,  DNA & other conclusive testing regarding a body’s identity take  much longer a period of  time than whats been stated as the alleged between the time of his capture, until his “Religiously Sensitive” within 24 hour burial period.

Also, the claim that “There is No Country That Would Claim His Body for Burial” seems highly unlikely, considering the fact that he does have a family, ( irregardless of the identity and notoriety of the person involved), whose wished would have been at least considered).

Although it’s undoubtly true that “a publicized place of the burial of Osama Bin Laden” would have definately become a spot where his followers would congregate, and cause unrest, (to say the least),  & further his status of “Martyrdom,”  but it would seem that some sort of negociations regarding the timely return of his body to his family could have been taken,  to ensure that his place of burial would remail undisclosed, (since America obviously had control of his body,) through some sort of concessions to his family, through our governments.

Our governments’ often secretive motives, carried out without any input or unbiased inquiry, are of course, necessary at times, but it seems that this is going to spark many more controversatial  questions and unwanted erratic actions regarding our governments’ alleged lack of sensitivity  toward the Muslim religious community, and the perception that we lack any  respect towards their religious  beliefs, regardless of the many individual Muslims who also feel distain & disgust towards Bin Laden.

I’d  hoped it would have been  time for us to stop ,  (after years of proverbially  having repeatedly “Put our Foot in our Mouths”), let alone going and  shoving our entire leg in behind it, too.


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